What We Do In Our Community. :)

We support our community through work with special organizations supporting children and adults with special needs. If you would like to learn more about these organizations, please visit our links page.

A Bit About Us

We aim to please and customization is where our our specialty is. If you want a themed event or have children who want the paint on arms and legs rather than faces or have special needs that need to be accommodated we will work hard to make sure every single person enjoys themselves. If you want your child to experience a personal visit with Santa or host a holiday party where everyone can enjoy Santa together - your happy memories are our goal.

Yours In Service

Serena and Ian

Specializing in Customization &

Special Needs / Requests Accommodations

 Email us at AngelsServiceLLC@gmail.com


call 720.256.8875

Two Angels Foundation 5K Fundraiser

Ronald McDonald House

YAY Day Camp with Easter Seals

"This dragon eats princesses in one swallow"

Cherry Creek ESY Program



I have been painting and creating for awhile now and it is as exciting and as rewarding as the first day I started. When working with children to learn how to enjoy art, enhance their ideas, guiding projects or face painting, I love it.

When I am not entertaining I work as a Developmental Interventionist as the Masters level to help children birth through three develop their cognitive and social-emotional skills when they are experiencing delays or as a Massage Therapist for children and adults with special needs.

Hello, I 'm Ian- during the summer I will twist balloons all sorts of ways for you! During the holiday season I will introduce children to a most magnificent Santa, creating a truly lasting happy memory. My super power is flying my year 12 year old daughter around the living room. 

When I am not entertaining I spend my time as a CNA for our oldest daughter and caring for our home, while working on my first novel.  

Starla Maia

Starla is our daughter, she is ten years old now and has been working with us since she was seven. She is thrilled to be able to come and show off what a good twister and artist she is on special events. She loves to be able to play and teach other young children the things she has learned. 

The Fine Print

All events are "rain or shine" unless otherwise stipulated. The PURCHASER is responsible to provide an alternate indoor location in the event of inclement weather. The client agrees to pay the full amount contracted once the PROVIDER has arrived at the event location, even if PROVIDER cannot perform due to inclement weather. 

The PURCHASER is responsible for providing an adequate work space. This includes a work space that is safe and comfortable, protected from the elements like heat, sun, social elements (rudeness), etc.. The PURCHASER understand that especially with the body art there will be splatter of supplies and that an adequate work space includes making sure that the host's property is properly protected as performers are not responsible. 

Cancellation of the engagement by the PURCHASER for any reason shall forfeit the deposit. Cancellation of the engagement by the PURCHASER within 90 days of the date of engagement shall also require payment of the balance to the PROVIDER, unless the same act is re-booked by the PURCHASER for a mutually agreeable date within 30 days of the canceled date. A PURCHASER canceling their engagement by telephone must also verify that cancellation in writing (via dated mail, email or FAX).

If the PROVIDER or the PURCHASER must cancel the engagement with a minimum of 48 hours notice due to a natural disaster, severe weather warning with travel prohibitions, riot, strike, epidemic, or by the order of any public authority, this contract shall become null and void, all deposit and balance payments shall be refunded, and both parties shall have no further legal recourse against each other.

Deposit is non-refundable unless otherwise indicated.

Balance is payable to PROVIDER by cash or paypal, at the engagement prior to services provided.

We aim to make sure everyone is involved and enjoying themselves and work hard to accommodate any special needs or requests. However, we will not force fun on anyone and if these services are really and truly something a person does not want even after accommodations have been attempted we will not continue. Example, a little one crying because they are unhappy or scared... we won't continue. 

For young children arm paintings are strongly recommended as often this is new experience and it helps them to be able to see and touch even if that smears the design it is better that they are engaged with curiosity than frightened. 

Parents, carers, organizers assume all responsibility in regards to who is being involved, it is not the performers responsibility to insure permission is granted it is the parents, carers, or organizers for the services that have been arranged for the performers to provide at the event.

Parents, carers, and organizers need to understand that all materials are being used in the way they were created to be used and FDA approved in the case of the body paint but individuals may still have reactions due to personal chemistry and this is not the performers responsibility.  

Parents, carers, or other persons with legal rights may request that a very young child be painted but is assuming all responsibilities. 

Damaged skin, open wounds including acne, rashes, etc. are all contraindicated for receiving body art. We can choose an alternative location if one is available. 

People who have symptoms of being ill may have arm or leg paintings if the symptoms are mild but no face painting and if a person is very sick they are not eligible for services.

Rude, intoxicated, or otherwise offensive behavior to performers, (defined by performers) or other patrons will not be accepted and parties will not be eligible for services. 

No smoking within breathing / smell distance of performers and clients. 

Eye discharge is contraindicated for face painting, another body location can be chosen. 

We specialize in accommodations and if there is an individuals who are protected by the ADA and are unable to wait due to a disability, please inform us and we will either schedule a specific time for your service or have you come to the front of the line. If the event is specifically for special needs accommodations and understandings on all parties parts will be needed. Attempts to abuse this will result in an ineligibility for services. 

If there is a time limit requests may be denied so that as many people as possible can receive at least one choice even if it is not their first choice.

We organize paid events by letting everyone have a single choice before anyone may have seconds. At some events a single choice is a combo of a balloon animal and a body art selection.

If a host would like an event to be extended if possible we will accommodate that request.

Henna is a stain, it will stain other items besides skin.

If supplies are damaged the organizer is responsible for there replacement. Please make sure everyone is cautious. 

The paints are washable with mild soap and water. Bright and dark colors may leave a trace of color on the skin after being washed; it will fade. 

The paints can stain clothing and other items.